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Certification services

Certification for customs - the procedure of confirmation of conformity of imported goods to the technical regulations of the Customs Union / EEU, domestic GOSTs, standards, sanitary norms, codes of conduct. It is recognized as the basis for import of products into the customs territory of the Russian Federation. It is carried out by specialized institutions authorized by Rosakkreditatsiya.

Features of customs clearance

In the slang of the subjects of customs brokers there is a concept of "certificate for customs". In fact, there is no such document. The list of confirming documents is defined individually and depends on:

Customs certificates are compared to trade permits. It is important to understand the conventionality of their opposition. According to 182-FZ "On technical regulation" the certification system is unified. Therefore, the requirements for products crossing the customs border and selling within the country are the same. Still, paper packages are different. The reason is the specifics of the work of customs authorities.

The list of manufactured goods subject to mandatory certification approved by the Russian government (Resolution No. 982 of 01.12.09) is based on the OKP code. The procedure of customs clearance of goods is determined by its type according to the nomenclature of foreign trade activity. There is no clear correspondence between OKP and HS. In a few cases, when the certificate of the TR of the CU for imported products is not needed, for customs clearance it is necessary to issue letters of refusal.

Some documents successfully used to certify the security of goods within the country are not accepted by customs authorities. ISO and CE quality certificates are not recognized as sufficient proof of compliance with GOST R standards. Importers are required to provide a domestic certificate of conformity and often also a hygienic certificate of the Ministry of Health.

When a product is not subject to mandatory certification, importers often go through a voluntary process. The certificate obtained on their own initiative in the country is successfully presented not only to consumers, but also to controlling structures. However, customs authorities ignore it by requesting a refusal letter.

Basic list of documents for customs

1.Certificate of conformity (safety) of goods. It is issued by an accredited certification body on the basis of evidence provided by the technical regulations. The certification scheme usually involves a research laboratory or center.

2.Certificate of origin is issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the location of the manufacturer. It is submitted to confirm the correctness of calculation of the state duty rate, confirmation of non-application of non-tariff restrictions to the goods, use of preferences under interstate trade agreements.

3.The quarantine certificate confirms the absence of pests and diseases. Required for goods of plant/animal origin. Issued by border veterinary and phytosanitary control points.

How we're gonna help you

Company SKO the certificate gives the consultation and intermediary services in sphere of customs registration since 2008. During this time we have become a reliable guide in the world of customs certification for many domestic companies, gained experience and extensive business relationships.

We are ready to organize the procedure of customs clearance of goods of any level of complexity. If you are at the starting point, we will determine the optimal algorithm of actions. In a disputable situation, let's clarify the list of necessary securities from the customs authority through official and unofficial channels, organize the receipt of all necessary certificates as soon as possible.

If you tried to carry out customs clearance on your own or with a careless intermediary and failed, we will help you to correct the errors at any stage of the process.

With our participation, the clearance will be quick and easy for you.

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