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Webinars from Rosaccreditation. Knowledge or air?


Webinars from Rosaccreditation. Knowledge or air?

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Well, the latest news for today. The Federal Accreditation Service went to the infobusiness, if you go to their website, you can find that they have started conducting webinars, well, rather, they are going to conduct paid webinars. And they will cost a lot of money, from 25 thousand rubles for ordinary mortals, that is, for participants in foreign economic activity. What information they will give out there is very interesting, and I will definitely tell you when this webinar takes place.

It's the month of March, the course has been completed, and let me tell you what happened on it.

Hello everyone.

First, this is an online course, what do we get?

  • This is about 10 videos, 4 of them practical and 6 theoretical, where they stupidly read the theory without any nuances and practice

  • The legal framework, including the standards directly related to technical regulation 037. Why is this important? Because not all standards can be found in the public domain, often they will be asked for money.

  • The opportunity to ask a question and get an answer to it in the framework of the webinar

  • The webinar itself, which lasted an hour and a half, unfortunately, there was no communication with the lecturers.

  • The test that you need to pass to get a crust. You are given three attempts, 10 questions. I tried several options, the questions are the same, just swap the answers. You can pass this test simply by reading technical regulation 037. There are also no temporary restrictions on the answer to questions.

What feeling is left?

Honestly, it is sad, but still there is one positive point in all this. This is just an opportunity to ask questions and get answers to them, so we will run through these questions and answers today, because this is the most valuable thing for you.

Go, and I'll start with a little information about 018 the technical regulations "on safety of wheeled vehicles", those who are close to this regulation may have heard, those who have not heard, I will report that in a short time, until the end of the year, most likely this regulation shall return to the jurisdiction of certification bodies, I mean a Declaration that the Declaration to be registered by certification bodies, and not the applicant as it is now.

Next, GLN numbers "Global Location Number" honestly, as I saw the position of rosaccreditation on the subject of GTIN and GLN numbers, they do not understand much about this, because any question related to any of these codes, they immediately send to the site http://www.gs1ru.org and they say read all the information there, there I will tell you all this, but nevertheless, if you have one manufacturer and several branches, how many GLN numbers do you need to enter in the declaration? The correct answer according to Rosaccreditation is one, the manufacturer itself, all the others can be omitted, but this is inaccurate.

Next question. This is about the application, whether it is needed in the end or not, the position of Rosaccreditation is extremely interesting here and because they call it absurd, we all agree in this principle and say that you can not load it and although in the 478 order itself it is clearly written in black and white that it needs to be loaded and despite the fact that they say that soon 478 order will be rewritten, well, that is, they will make some changes to the application there will most likely be prescribed. I strongly do not recommend you to use the recommendations of the Federal Accreditation Service, that you can not make an application, when and if there are any proceedings, no one will listen, and what you were told at a particular course, or at a particular webinar, they will read the legislation, and the legislation says that it is needed.

Next item. Foreign test reports, the question is whether they can be used or not? The answer is yes. What are the requirements for test reports? Requirements 2:

  • Russian language, the test report must be translated

  • The second requirement is the content of the test report the indicators must meet the requirements of our legislation

Next moment, the quality management system, some schema Declaration implies the existence of a quality management system, and if we talk about the confirmation of compliance by declaring for 982 resolution so there is the scheme by which to register the Declaration solely on the certificate of quality management system, and so, the question is what kind of certificate of the quality management system can be used in the Declaration, but it applies to certification including answer:

  • foreign certificate of iso

  • russian ISO certificate, but issued under a voluntary certification system

  • Russian ISO certificate from an accredited certification body

The correct answer is only an ISO certificate issued by an accredited certification body, it can be foreign, but only within the framework of the customs Union, namely: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia.

The next question is about the import of samples for testing in a non-accredited laboratory on the territory of the Russian Federation. We have already talked about this issue, let me remind you of its essence, that when you import samples, then according to the explanations of the FCS and FSA, the federal customs service can only accept a letter or contract from an accredited person in which it will be written that these are samples that are going to be tested, from a voluntary laboratory, they may not accept this letter. The response of Rosaccreditation in this regard is as follows. This is a jamb and it is quite possible that it will be solved in the near future, or another explanation will be issued, or the regulations on the import of samples are being prepared for release by the first of August. We'll wait and see.

Well, the last question for today. This is about signing documents using EDS, which you upload to the service for registering the declaration. In the 478 order it is said that it is necessary to do so, that is, all documents must be signed with an EDS, rosaccreditation on this account there is even an instruction on how to sign an EDS, but this instruction does not work due to the fact that it is impossible to upload anything to the service itself except for a pdf file, and according to the instructions, an archive consisting of a pdf file and a signature in the format. sig in what solutions? First, Rosaccreditation looks at it through its fingers and says that it will not be punished for this, but this is inaccurate. The second solution is to use the pdf viewer or pdf editor to sign this document, this function is available in any viewer or editor, where you can select your digital signature and leave a mark, as a result, you will get a single pdf file, but it will already have an electronic digital signature.

And that's all I have, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments and we will definitely answer them.

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All the best, bye!

Have a question? Call 8 499 647-75-64 or write info@notifikat.ru

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