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Certificate of conformity in 2021.


Certificate of conformity in 2021.

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- Good afternoon, I need a certificate for my supergadget.
- I would like to make it without testing, without samples, without inspection control, without going to production, and most importantly, I have a budget for everything about all fifty thousand rubles.
"Will you help me?" Hello! Hello!!!

Hello everyone.
And indeed, if in 2018 it was still possible to get such a proposal from almost every first certification body, then in 2021
This year, the situation has changed dramatically.
Why did this happen? Let's try to figure it out.

Now the certificate of conformity is becoming a competitive advantage for any importer more than ever. And indeed, not every importer is ready to pay from 200 thousand rubles to half a million rubles for a certificate. And if earlier the certificate was rather an expendable material for delivery, now it must necessarily be laid in the economic component of your project, and already consider how appropriate it is to supply a particular unit of production. And often abandon one or the other of supplies due to the fact that they are economically feasible. And if in 2018, the experts of the certification market claimed that the head of the Federal Accreditation Service will soon go to the promotion and everything will return to the previous course, now it is pointless to say that something will change in the opposite direction. Because the change is fundamental and it simply won't work to go back.

How did it all start?
And it all started with a small increase in control by the Federal Accreditation Service. They simply began to ask for the passports of the experts who allegedly conducted visits to the production during the inspection of the certification bodies. But the certification bodies very quickly adjusted to this control and everything returned to normal.
The next step on the part of the Federal Accreditation Service was already on both sides.
First , they issued recommendations from the Federal Accreditation Services and the Federal Customs Service and "finished the job"." The Federal State Information System (FGIS) for certification bodies.

What did we get in the end?
The Federal State Information System (FGIS 2.0) has made a strict procedure, a program for certification bodies.
Now they were required to upload customs declarations directly to the register itself when passing the certification procedure, and the recommendations were closed to the Federal Customs Service and directly to importers. Now they were required to legally import samples under a separate declaration based on a letter from a certification body or laboratory.
As a result: the import of samples and tests were fully legalized. Without this, it was simply impossible to get a certificate, at least for the previous year,and then re-accreditation to the National Part followed, and here I would like to say two words about the laboratories.
At the beginning of this year, there was a rather serious bell-ringing, I would even say "ringing the bell", when the two largest players in the certification market, namely, the Certification Group (Certification Group) and Cercons, lost their main laboratories (flagship laboratories), which were always considered "white and fluffy", which do everything right. Of course, now they are back in service and everything is fine, but this return is not without changes. Now all laboratories begin to demand the number of samples according to tests, according to GOST standards. And if earlier it was enough to have at least just one sample, but legally, now according to GOST standards, they (samples) need from three to six pieces. Well of course, again depending on the Standards that apply to your product and if the importer, which deals with the products
price of one dollar is not a problem for importers who are dealing with thousands of dollars and above is a real "headache", which also should be included in the economic component in the supply and maybe give up some projects.

So what's the bottom line? What do we have at the moment?
And at the moment, we have only one loophole with the exit to production, which is likely to be closed in the near future, too. As a result, there will be only two options: either to make a certificate for a batch, or to make a certificate for a series, but absolutely correctly within the framework of legislation and at a price this document will already be comparable to the European certification. In principle, as provided for by law.

And that's it for me.
Take this information into account and be sure to consider the economic component of your delivery.

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Have a nice day.

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