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Certification body or foreign trade expert


Certification body or foreign trade expert

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Consulting vs certification body, who to choose?
Let's talk about this today.

Hello everyone.

We'll start with the pros and cons of one and the other.
What advantages do certification bodies have? The
first argument is that it is cheaper there. If I apply directly to the certification body without any intermediaries, then I will simply have a cheaper price.
The second argument is competence. If I work directly with the certification body, I will communicate with an expert or the head of the certification body himself;
The third argument is reliability. I know who I work with, so the probability that my document will be canceled or archived tends to zero; the fourth argument is faster. Because I work directly, bypassing all intermediaries, so the speed increases.

What are the advantages of consulting?
There you can do it within a single window. These are the arguments that the market uses when choosing its partner.

Let's try to figure out if this is really the case?

We'll start from afar.
Namely, we will find out what a certification body is, how a certification body works, we will also find out what a consulting is and what representatives of this consulting are on the market today.


Certification body. To understand what a certification body is, you need to contact Rosaccreditation.
So, what are the requirements of Rosaccreditation for certification bodies: the
first requirement - you must have a manager with education;
the second requirement - you must have at least two experts within the technical regulations, also with education;
the third requirement is that you must have a legal entity;
the fourth requirement - you must have jobs, namely three computers and one printer.
Here are all the requirements that need to be met.

Now, how do certification bodies work?
The certification body works mostly through sales departments, which are separate legal entities, or through consultants.
Why? Because the human factor is the bottleneck of any certification body. And if he works directly with applicants, he will get up very quickly for one simple reason, for example, that three certification experts can not master a large flow of applications, and vice versa, if the certification body starts working with consulting or creates its own sales departments, then in this case everything is getting better on the flow. He puts forward requirements for consulting, for his sellers in what form to form applications, in what form to form layouts in some cases. As a result, the work is accelerated, and the consulting receives, for example, a discount on permits.

Now let's understand what is happening in the consulting market?
What are the consultants? The
first type is the "gods of certification", they are ordinary sellers. They don't care what they sell, whether it's a mobile phone or
a permit. They don't understand much in one case, and they don't understand much in the other. Nevertheless, most of them are engaged in sales on the market.
The second option is amateurs. These are already teams of two or three people who have already worked for about a year in the market of permits and decided to go into "free swimming" thereby providing services.
The third type is specialists. These are already companies that have been in this market for a long time. They know how and what is arranged, but they do almost everything in a row, which is their main advantage because you can make almost any permit document from any field, but also the main disadvantage because you can not be a professional in all areas, that is, you will still be somewhere "lame".
The fourth type is the experts of external economic activity. These are people who have been in the market for a long time, but they realized that you can not be
a professional in all areas and focus on a narrow segment. As a result, they know the length and breadth of all the legislation, both customs and permits. For example: we specialize exclusively in the import and export of electronics and radio electronics and nothing more, and we do not go anywhere else.

So, we found out what a certification body is. We found out what consultants are like.

Now let's go back to our pros and cons and find out if this is really the case.

Our first argument. The certification body is always cheaper.
What can I oppose here?
As I said, the certification body gives the consulting a discount. Accordingly, the price in the body and the price at the consultant can often be the same.
The second point is that you will never be able to agree with the certification body about any changes in the certification procedure. It is quite possible to solve this issue with consulting companies. But if you are a large representative of a foreign manufacturer and you have already established all the standards within the company, and do everything exclusively within the framework of the law, then of course the best option is to work directly with the certification body. Because if you have internal standards, you can easily adjust them to the requirements of any certification body. And in this case, the certification body will be happy to work with you directly and the price tag is likely to get you for the volume, simply
cheaper than the market average. In all other cases, your price for the permit document, including: field trips, inspection control, sampling, testing and issuing a certificate will be more expensive than that of a consultant.

The second argument. Competence.
As I have already mentioned, certification bodies often have either consultants or sales departments. And accordingly, if you apply directly, you will still communicate with the sales manager, namely, with the "gods of certification" or with amateurs of this level and competence there is certainly not much. But if you are a large Western company, then most likely you will have access to the head of the certification body and we recommend that you use it. In all other cases, the competence of experts in foreign economic activity will be many times higher.

The third argument. Reliability.
I know who I work with, and my authorization document, namely the certificate, will not be revoked or archived.
Here, too, I will disappoint you, no certification body will most likely admit to you that it is on the verge of closing, that it has already gone through an inspection and in a month it will most likely close, but the experts of foreign economic activity on the contrary will immediately signal this to you. They have reputational risks, they are not ready to simply bear them. The authorities will be closed, and the experts of the foreign economic policy will be closed.
the activities continue to exist in the market and work, and it is important for him not to substitute his client.

The fourth argument. It will be faster to make a certificate in the certification body.
Here I will say right away that 100% - no! For one simple reason, you will have downtime at almost every stage of the certificate procedure, from technical documentation to labeling. If you turn to experts in foreign economic activity, then they will help you smooth out all these "irregularities and roughness", and often they will do it for you so that it all goes without a hitch.

The last item remains. Experts of foreign economic activity have a "one-stop shop".
Indeed, this is a great advantage when you have applied to one partner and he has issued you almost all the permits.

In the end.

Turning to experts of external economic activity in most cases, you will have a much more profitable deal, faster, more competent and more reliable than turning directly around the certification.
And all the arguments that the market leads, they are solely from ignorance of the specifics of the work of the certification body and consulting.

And that's all I have.
Let the experts of foreign economic activity come with you, subscribe, like and share this video. It is not difficult for you, but
it will be useful for someone.

Have a nice day."

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