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The best option for registering a declaration of conformity in 2021


The best option for registering a declaration of conformity in 2021

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Hello everyone. We have already told you about four ways to register a declaration in 2021, if you have not seen it, then look, the link will be at the end. Today I will tell you about the fifth method, which in principle, at the moment, is considered the most optimal and easiest for any applicant.

What is the basis of this method? This method is based on the software that is available on the market. The market, at the moment, provides three software programs with which you can get this fifth method. What are these programs?

  1. "Lotus "

  2. "OSP Synthesis "

  3. " Advansdox»

all three software products make it possible to work with declarations if you take "Lotus", "Synthesis of OSP", then they also give a software product for certification, "Advansdox" is focused exclusively on declaration. All three software products can upload drafts of the declaration and an archived set of documents to the register of the Federal Agency for Accreditation, that is, to the personal account of the applicant himself, with the help of the TIN, these packages are scattered around the personal account of the applicants themselves. If one of the applicants wants to register the declarations independently, then I can recommend the software product "Advansdox", what is it good for?

  1. It does not have monthly rents as in other software products.

  2. It is more friendly in the interface, it is much easier to understand there

You do not need to visit your personal account in FGIS'e (federal state information system), that is, you do not need to go there to sign, you can link an electronic digital signature directly to your personal account in Advansdox and register declarations directly from this software product.

Why is this convenient? Due to the fact that the FGIS (federal state information system) is extremely unstable and periodically crashes, the data can be lost and it will be necessary to do all the same work again that was just done. In Advansdox, everything is saved automatically and you will just need to click the "sign" button, even if the federal state information system is currently unavailable, you will not be able to do it right away, you will need to make another approach, click the sign button again after a while and everything will most likely fall into place. As a result, using the fifth option, the applicant receives the following advantages::

  1. You don't have to go through training, you don't have to learn anything if you assign it to your partners

  2. You will not need to transfer any digital signature to the partner, that is, you do not need to risk your digital signature, you can do it yourself, and the partner will upload everything to your personal account.

We offer you to arrange this option within our company.

And that's it for me.

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