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How do I return a sample after testing?


How do I return a sample after testing?

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Samples for mandatory confirmation of compliance.

There are two most popular questions around them, besides how to import them.

The first question is, will the samples be returned to me?

Second, is it possible these samples to sell?

Today we will try to answer these two questions.

Hello everyone.

We'll start with the question, will I get my samples back after the tests?

What do the "certification gods"say about this?

The "gods of certification" are divided into two camps:

some say that of course you will return these samples, and the second say that these samples will not be returned.

Let's find out why the samples won't be returned to us, and what arguments?

There are two arguments: the

first argument is destructive tests and your sample will be destroyed;

the second argument is that the samples are control samples, they will be left in the certification body or in the laboratory, so that they lie until the end of the validity of the permit document.

Let's try to understand this information, but is it really so?

We will rely on the legislation, and even more specifically we will be interested in GOST 31814-2012 from 2012.

These are the general rules for sampling, specifically we will be interested in paragraph 4.2.4, in which we are introduced to the concept of "control samples". Control samples exist, but without your consent and without additional samples, no one can implement this in principle (a laboratory or a certification body).

The second point that we will be interested in is point 3.12, which solves entirely the question of whether or not they will be returned.

Only with your permission can samples be left in the organ or laboratory, or written off in the organ or laboratory

Now back to the question of destructive testing.

Here we turn to paragraph 4.2.7. It is he who will introduce us to such a concept as a write-off. But once again, relying on paragraph 3.12, we must

keep in mind that only with our consent this sample can be written off by a certification body or laboratory. We will not give it (consent) - you are obliged to return it in any condition.

Now the next question is, can this sample be sold?

And here the "certification gods" are again divided into two camps:

some say that it is possible to sell;

others say-in any case, do not sell.

Let's understand why it is impossible?

The argument is still two: the

first argument is that the tests are destructive and the sample will be destroyed;

the second argument is that samples are samples and nothing more.

Let's try to understand these arguments, do they have a place to be?

A few words about the destructive tests.

For example, for electromagnetic compatibility and low-voltage equipment, there is a whole list of standards that are accompanied by destructive testing, but there are a number of " BUT"

first , it is far from certain that your products will be subject to standards with destructive controls. They are there, but there are a lot of standards and the fact that specifically your products will fall under destructive control, there is a chance, but it is not very high;

the second - depending on the cost of the sample. For example, if a sample costs $ 1 or $ 10, of course, it is probably not advisable to restore this sample, it is easier to write it off than to mess with it, but if the sample costs hundreds of dollars, or even thousands of dollars, then here

it is much more profitable for any applicant to restore this sample by replacing the board or block that burned during the tests. After that, sell these products;

and third, it is far from a fact that your equipment will be tested by anyone at all, oddly enough, this is the situation in the market of testing laboratories.

But also the second argument: samples are only samples, of course the argument is strange, but I understand it as follows, that most likely the sample was imported by letter from an accredited person and in the customs declaration the procedure was chosen import 40 with the code 061-this is a note that this is exactly "sample". Here, too, everything is easily and simply solved. As soon as you have received the certificate or declaration, depending on what it is for

you were carrying samples. You make an adjustment to the customs declaration, remove the letter, insert the certificate or declaration number instead, and remove the code 061 and you get import 40.

In the end.

Once again answering two questions.

Will the samples be returned to you?

- You are obliged to return the samples, they can only keep them with your consent and nothing more.

The second question is, can these samples be sold?

- You can, but you need to take several actions.

And that's all I have.

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All the best, bye!

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