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How to cancel the EAC declaration with your own hands?


How to cancel the EAC declaration with your own hands?

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Good afternoon, dear colleagues!

My name is Stanislav. And today we will look at how to cancel the declaration of conformity with your own hands using an electronic digital signature.

This is your personal account. How to log in to this personal account, how to register a declaration, you can see in the video above.

Today we will analyze only the moment-the cancellation of the declaration.

So, here is a personal account and let's cancel this declaration here. It has the status "active", and how to change it to the status "terminated"?

first, click on the "edit" button, here you can only change the status, where we got by default, that is, it is forbidden to make changes to the declaration by the program itself. the declaration can only be canceled and a new one registered. Everything! no changes can be made. therefore, if you make a mistake, then your task is to cancel the declaration, and then register a new one.

Click on the "new entry" button. Select the following status - "terminated", the date "from today", "basis for setting the status" - here you will find hints (explanations for setting statuts), which one you can choose. In fact, you can choose "by decision of the applicant" can "technical error" depending on why you want to cancel it, if you somewhere made a mistake, Yes, if you just don't need, "according to the decision of the applicant", it is possible to duplicate (by the applicant). After that, you will need to create an internal document in your organization, we will have "notifications", assign a number to this notification within the organization and, accordingly, the date, the date from today's date, too. Everything, after which you can click the "save and send" button - the changes are saved. Then click "publish", i.e. to make all these changes, and we were again sent to the site of the signing of the electronic signature, also select the checkbox, click the "sign" button, choose your digital signature, e-sign, if there is a pin code, enter it.

All this was dealt with by the video "How to register a declaration yourself".

Therefore, if now for someone, this is something new, it is better first before watching this video, look at how to register a declaration on your own.

everything! We all signed up, click the "go back" button. Everything was successfully published, and as we can see, the status changed to "terminated".

You and I have learned to cancel our own declarations.

And that's it for me.

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All the best!


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