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Will the GTIN and GLN numbers be canceled when declaring?


Will the GTIN and GLN numbers be canceled when declaring?

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Rusaccreditation was canceled GTIN and GLN numbers.

Hello everyone
And, indeed, on Friday, January 15, 2021, Rosaccreditation released such news on its website that by Order No. 877 of the Ministry of Economic Development of December 30, 2020, the transition period for GTIN and GLN numbers comes into force. The order itself was never seen by anyone, and it was still there.
it is still being registered. How long the period is is also unknown, but we will take this into account. And now, more than ever, is a good time to figure out what GTIN and GLN numbers are after all? And what are they even needed for, how can they be used in decorating? And what kind of labeling exists in the Russian Federation market in principle.

Let's take it in order.
There are currently three types of markings and unique numbers on the Russian market. As we have already heard-these are GTIN and GLN numbers and an "honest sign" that is relatively young, but gaining momentum. Let's now analyze each of them separately.
GLN (Global Location Number), in other words, is the location number of the origin. In general, this is a 13-digit code, which in fact is necessary only for simplifying and optimizing supply chains, nothing more.
What is encrypted there?
The definition of the legal entity and the location of the legal entity are encrypted there. If you have several legal entities, it is extremely
necessary to assign each legal entity its own GLN number. This is the definition of the functions of this legal entity and the actual digital location. This is necessary if you are engaged in electronic document management.

The GLN number is used worldwide. This is an international designation, including in the Russian Federation, and it is necessary only to optimize your supplies.
It is mandatory to get the ndo number for those legal entities that want to participate in electronic document management.
With a GLN number, you can identify any part of your business, even a shelf in a store can be assigned a separate GLN number
if it is an independent object of your supply chain.

How does this apply to declaring and what GLN numbers do I need to enter?
How many manufacturers of your products do you have, how many GLN numbers do you need to enter in the declaration.
In principle, everything is banal and simple.

Moving on. GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)is the global number of the commodity product, in other words, it is a barcode. We are used to seeing it as a barcode, but it is encrypted with a 14-digit code. In fact, this code does not carry almost any information for the average consumer at all, for the simple reason that it serves exclusively for optimizing supply chains.
The GTIN number is issued for each model, it can be the same in one delivery and in several deliveries. But if you change the model or its technical characteristics, or a new model is released in principle, then you will need to assign a new GTIN number.

Now let's talk about the GTIN number in the context of declaring.
What numbers should be entered in the declaration when registering the declaration?
It's pretty simple here. How many models do you have, how many GTIN numbers do you have and should be directly entered in the declaration itself. There is a new model, you will still need to register a new declaration and assign a new GTIN number there.

For both of these numbers, that GLN, that GTIN is responsible for one organization-GS1 (GS 1). There are representative offices in Russia. If you are a Russian manufacturer, then you will need to take care of obtaining such numbers. The link to this organization will be under the video. Go ahead, register and get your numbers.

Now let's talk a little bit about the "honest sign".
If the first two numbers GLN and GTIN were solely to help production and business to optimize their supply chains, then the "honest mark"
serves, as is usually the case in the state, to protect the consumer from gray and black imports, in other words, from counterfeit.
This sign will need to be applied to each unit of production. "Honest sign" carries quite a lot of information: who imports it, when it was imported, according to which GTD (state customs declaration), what permits apply to it. All this will be directly sewn into the "honest sign" itself, and any user who scans it can read it all, see it. In fact, it really makes almost the entire market very transparent. Will be removed if it is grey and black import completely? Well, of course, probably not, but it will clean up pretty well.
Now let's run through what products already need to be marked with an "honest sign".
And it all started with fur coats back in 2017, after that they were pulled up: cigarettes, medicines, shoes, perfumes, rags, cameras, tires/tires, and from January 1, 2021, now also jewelry. For this, it is already mandatory to put the "honest mark"label on everything.

And that's all I have.
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