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Breaking news 2021


Breaking news 2021

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2021 is in full swing, Navalny returns rosaccreditation has finished cleaning and 440 bodies have been removed from the national part of the unified register, the 478 order has entered into force and certification bodies have lost the ability to register declarations, but some bodies continue to do so, the application for declaring must be certified with an electronic digital signature according to the 478 order, but technically this is impossible, and like the cherry on the cake, rosaccreditation has been submitted to the infobusiness.

Hello everyone, and now about everything in order. We will start with summarizing the results of the reassessment of the Federal service for accreditation. "Government Resolution No. 1236 of 21.09.2019" this is the resolution that made a lot of noise at the end of last year. For example, the fact that

certification bodies are removed from the national part of the unified register. what are the results?

1250 accredited persons were re-evaluated and remained in the national unit, 440 accredited persons left the national unit and about 160 new arrivals in our ranks. We all remember that since January 1, order 478 came into force, and now certification bodies can not register declarations of conformity, this is done directly by the applicants themselves, but still a number of certification bodies continue to register declarations, despite the fact that this is prohibited by law, why is this happening? Because from a technical point of view, they did not take away this opportunity in their personal account, they can do it. I highly recommend that you do not apply for such a service, because Order No. 478 has already entered into force, and you violate it, thus your declarations are likely to be immediately canceled or archived, and you can still get a fine for violations of the law.

Continuing the topic of declaration, our brothers in the customs Union Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia continue to register declarations through certification bodies. Why? Yes, because the 478 order does not concern them, in other words, you can register declarations with our brothers in the customs union. Do not forget, only about the political risk, there have been numerous situations when the FCS simply did not accept documents from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan.

And two more words about the declaration. At check Declaration, you must apply for the Federal service for accreditation, and this claim must be certified digital signature referred to in order No. 478, but again, a small but technically, when you do it, if you do it now, it is impossible for the simple reason that the Federal information system perceives the PDF, the caption format-Sik, attach is not possible, that is, in other words, now, who registers the Declaration he is forced to violate the law, for the reason that

technically, the Federal accreditation service has not finalized the Federal state information system.

Well, the latest news for today.

The Federal Accreditation Service went into the infobusiness. If you go to their website, you can find that they began conducting webinars, or going to carry out paid webinars and they will cost a lot of money, from 25 thousand rubles for ordinary mortals, i.e. for participants of foreign trade activities, what information they will be there to give

very interesting, and will tell you when this webinar will be held.

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Have a nice day, bye.

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