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The rumors were confirmed and Rossvyaz was disbanded.
  • What will happen to the communication declarations now?
  • Who will register?
  • What is the procedure?

The gods of certification are increasingly frightening the market by order of the Ministry of Economic Development No. 478 of 07/31/2020. Let's figure out why they are scared and what needs to be adopted so that there are no surprises in 2021.
  • GTIN code
  • refusal to register DS
  • duty for the declaration.

And much more.
On 06.11.2020, a regular meeting of the Interdepartmental Council of the National Quality Infrastructure was held, according to the results of which 171 accredited persons were excluded from the national part of the unified register.

- how to find out what these organs are?
- will the certificates be canceled?
From 09.11.2020 Roskomnadzor can come with an unscheduled check to any legal entity.
The certification gods divide the certification market into black (where your certificate is definitely canceled) and white (where everything is done correctly and without violations), but is there really a difference between them?

Let's figure it out.

Breaking news! Rossvyaz may be closed!

Before making an import license from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, you need to understand which way to go, and for this you need to analyze your equipment.
- Where to look?
- Where to run?
- What to do?
About this in our Video.

There is a proposal on the market: to analyze production without getting out of bed :)) By video.
Let's see how realistic this is and what difficulties we will face.
COVID-19. The clouds are gathering more and more every day. New measures are being applied to contain the spread of the virus. So how do these measures affect the participants in foreign economic activity?
The license of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for import is one of the longest in terms of obtaining a document. 2-3 months.

- Why such long terms?
- What stages does it consist of?
- Can it be done faster?
Recently, more and more often from the side of the Customs there is a request for the provision of diesel fuel for the import of a sample for certification, but not all participants in foreign economic activity can provide it.
- Do I need to import samples for certification?
- What is the procedure for importing samples?
- What are the options for importing test samples?
Заключительное видео о РФ происхождении. Статус ТОРП:
- Как его получить?
- Какие нюансы?
- Какие шансы?

Certification is becoming more and more expensive from year to year. And more and more foreign trade participants are asking themselves: - "Is it possible to use someone else's certificate or declaration?" Let's figure this out.
In 2021, a new technical regulation "On the safety of chemical products" comes into force. On first reading, it raises more questions than answers. On the second reading, it doesn't get any easier :) Let's try to collect all the information together and understand how this will work.
We continue the theme of Russian origin, participation in tenders and public procurement. Today we will talk about the conclusion of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
- Who can get it?
- How to get the?
- What are the pitfalls?
There is no certificate, but the goods must be imported, what should I do?
You can try to get away from the certificate, you can import it for your own needs, or it would be more correct to issue a conditional release.
When to use it, what problems you may encounter - about this in our video.
Certificate of origin ST-1:
  • Legislation
  • Requirements
  • Nuances

In this video we will tell you about seven life hacks that we use ourselves in our activities.

If you are faced with the area of Communication, then this video is for you)
A preliminary decision on the classification of goods. Termination and revocation.
RF origin - all manufacturers want this status. What for? What options are there? What difficulties await you?

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