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4 options for registering declarations in 2021


4 options for registering declarations in 2021

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Hello everyone, from January 1, 2021, the certification authorities will lose the ability to register declarations of conformity. Now this function will be applied directly to the declarant, that is, the declarant must independently register the declaration of conformity.

Registration of declarations only at first glance seems simple, in fact, there are enough nuances and of course the market will not leave its customers in trouble. Therefore, the market currently offers as many as 4 solutions to this problem.

Let's see what options the market offers:

option 1-training;

option 2-combined;

option 3 - turnkey for another legal entity;

option 4 - turnkey, but for your legal entity.

And now in more detail about each of these options.

So, the first option is training. In general, the registration of declarations is divided into only two stages: the

first is the preparatory stage;

the second is the registration itself.

The preparatory stage includes a set of software that you will need to put on your workplace and the second stage is the registration itself, where you need to learn how to use the FGIS system.

Both of these steps will tell you, show you and "hold the handle", how to do it. After that, you can register the declarations yourself. Of course, there are again a lot of nuances with different products - these are different nuances, but if you have the same type of products, then in principle you can master independent declaration.

Combination. This is when you use your electronic digital signature and give it to your partner, who will do all these steps and

the stages are for you. In other words, this option is based solely on trust. If you trust your partner, then there is nothing wrong here. You will receive a registered declaration with almost no "headache".

An alternative to the combined option is when registration is carried out with the help of your partners, but in a remote way. That is, you give access to your workplace (remote via the Internet) and your partner registers the declaration for you. At the same time, the electronic digital signature is not transmitted to anyone, physically.

The third option is the registration of the Declaration of another entity. This is when you order a declaration not for yourself, but for your partner and use his declaration by proxy.

Such options are quite working and present on the market.

We offer to arrange all these three options within our company.

And the fourth option, which appeared relatively recently , is turnkey, but for your legal entity.

What does it look like?

You give all the data to your CEO, and your partner receives an electronic digital signature for you and registers the declaration for

your legal entity. It would seem that it is very similar to option two-combined, the only thing with EDS is not yet necessary to bother and everything will be done for you.


One thing, but by choosing this option, you violate the law almost immediately.


Because starting from July 1, 2020, the requirements for electronic and digital signatures have been tightened and now only the general director of naruki can get it by showing his passport.

Why have the laws been tightened?

It's simple. Cases of abuse of electronic digital signatures have become more frequent, respectively, all those who offer you this option, they violate the law, agreed with companies that issue electronic digital signatures.

Therefore, avoid such options.

And yes, a well-designed permit document will arrive with you.

And that's all I have.

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Have a nice day.

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