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Increased rates of customs duties


Increased rates of customs duties

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From August 1, 2020, the rates of customs duties for customs operations (customs clearance) have changed.
Analyzing the regulatory documents, the following changes can be noted:
  • the rates of this type of customs fees, as before, depend on the customs value of goods, but the scale of rates has been expanded;
  • abolished a 25% discount for filing an electronic declaration.
  • new rates have been introduced for imported goods, the customs value of which is not determined or declared
  • increased fees for individuals;
  • increased fees for filing temporary and full customs declarations;
  • increased fees for the registration of air, sea and river vessels.

In other words, the changes affected all types of rates of fees for customs clearance. While recognizing the generally insignificant amount of customs duties in the structure of customs payments, it should be noted that their size has actually doubled.

Be careful when calculating the customs payments due. Late payment can lead to delays in the release or refusal to release goods, and all the ensuing consequences.

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