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The restrictions imposed by the state due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation against the background of the spread of coronavirus in the country and the world have had the most negative impact on the work of most companies. In addition, the non-working week announced by the President of Russia smoothly turned into a “non-working month”, and the high alert regime introduced in many regions of the country has stumped many organizations due to the uncertainty of the restrictions imposed. On this wave, some of the organizations have suspended their activities completely or temporarily, but many companies have transferred their work to "remote".

In this regard, let's figure out what circumstances the participants of foreign economic activity have to face when working in the current conditions.

First of all, it should be noted that the government of the Russian Federation has promised a green corridor for the import of goods.


Despite the fears of many representatives of the sphere of foreign economic activity, the work of banks makes it possible to pay customs payments during the "non-working days" without any problems. The customs (electronic declaration centers) are also continuing their work. This is already a lot! If you have a complete package of documents for import, then there should be no special problems during customs clearance.


As for the international logistics of goods, there are difficulties, both with an increase in prices and delivery times for goods caused by quarantine measures at the borders. The aviation industry suffered the most. Due to the cancellation of passenger flights, cargo flights cannot cope with the entire flow of goods. As a result, the prices for air delivery increased significantly, and sending the goods became extremely problematic.


The work of state bodies and organizations for the registration of permits has also undergone changes:
- Rosakkreditatsiya gave instructions to suspend the issuance of certificates for mass-produced products, due to the impossibility of experts traveling abroad to analyze the state of production. The certificate of conformity can be issued for a batch. There are no problems with the registration of declarations of conformity.
- The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia accepts documents for registration of licenses only by mail or in electronic form;
- TsLSZ FSB of Russia accepts documents for registration of notifications only by mail, therefore the actual period for registration of notifications has increased significantly due to postage;
- An identification report on the dual purpose of products (FSTEC) can be issued without any problems in accredited organizations. FSTEC of Russia considers documents with delays.
- The FSMTC of Russia accepts paper documents, but the term for their consideration and issuance of conclusions is also uncertain.

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