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Import of medical devices. COVID-19


Import of medical devices. COVID-19

Against the background of the spread of coronavirus in Russia and the world, restrictive measures introduced by the Government of our country have affected foreign economic activity to a lesser extent compared to other sectors of the economy.

Restrictions on the circulation of such medical products as masks, gowns, etc. have been suspended.Moreover, due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation to ensure affordable circulation of safe and effective medical devices necessary for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-2019, the procedure for state registration has been simplified since April 2020 of the following medical products: gowns, gloves, masks, ventilators, thermometers, including infrared, calibrators, control materials and test reagents. (see below for more details)

Regarding these products, registration certificates for a series (batch) of medical devices are issued with a validity period until January 1, 2021 on the basis of documents, without conducting technical tests, toxicological studies, clinical trials.

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