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Communication equipment

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Communication equipment
Required for customs:
  • TR CU LVE certificate / declaration
  • TR CU EMC certificate / declaration
  • Notification

Required for sales:
  • Communication means declaration
  • Communication means certification
  • Telematic license
15 days costs to receive the service
From 1000$ are necessary for registration
More about certification of communication equipment

Basis: and yet, how to determine in which case the declaration is required, and in which the certificate? According to the Federal Law “On communications”, the equipment that uses the public communications network, wireless, telephone, or any other, is subject to mandatory confirmation of conformity in the form of certification "COMMUNICATION" (communication means certification), including mobile phones. The exception is communication means with no regulatory legal acts developed. But such equipment cannot legally be used in public networks.

There is a list of products subject to communication means certification.

For all other equipment that uses public communications network, it is necessary to issue a communication means declaration and register it in the Federal Communication Agency (FAS).

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According to the "Regulation on the conformity sign and the procedure of marking of communications means ", a product for which the certificate of conformity of the Ministry of communications is issued, should be marked by CCC sign.

When do I need confirmation of conformity in the field of communication?

According to the decree of the government No. 896 of December 31st , 2004, to implement means of communication, obtaining certificates, it is needed to follow the process of mandatory confirmation of conformity in system of "communication" (communication means certificate).

It means that for import (customs clearance) this document is not needed!
Confirmation of compliance in the field of communication is necessary exclusively for the implementation and use of communication means on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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