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Software has become an integral part of our lives. Mobile phones, tablet PCs, computers, televisions, and all home appliances –software is everywhere. Are there any rules or requirements for conformity assessment of the software? How to recognize own software in this multitude?
From 500$ costs to receive the service
15 days are necessary for registration
More about software certification

History: the relevance of certification due to a significant increase in the volume of state orders for the development of programmes for public and social structures. The transition to electronic document management and interaction with government agencies, initiated by the first persons of the state, greatly expanded the field of activity of the companies-producers of software.

Naturally, working with government contracts involves the participation in tenders. A big plus would be the presence of the Voluntary certificate of your company, which will confirm the high level of company and quality of its products. Our experts have developed a voluntary certification program that corresponds to different tasks.

A list of software products for voluntary certification is made by the applicant. It may include, for example:
  • Software for electronic payment systems;
  • System database management;
  • Operating system;
  • Office applications (including graphical and text editors);
  • Utilities;
  • Programs for working with networks;
  • Software designed for mathematical modeling and scientific research;
  • Computer aided design systems, and others.
Voluntary certification confirms the software compatibility with different operating systems, a sufficient level of sustainability, the ability to recover after a software or technical failures. In addition, compliance with the requirements stated in the Technical specifications can be verified and confirmed while the procedure of certification.

To find out what documents you need to bring your shipment in you can send an e-mail to info@notifikat.ru or call us (499) 647-75-64. Tell us about your shipment and we'll find a specialist to help you optimize your costs.


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