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By land

The most common transport type.


Application: average batch

Timing: 2-15 days 


By railways

The golden mean between the land and the sea. Monopoly of Russian railways. 


Application: large, average batch

Timing: 5-20 days

By sea

The longest and the cheapest shipping method. 


Application: huge batch

Timing: 30-40 days


By air

The fastest and the most expensive shipping method.


Application:small batch

Timing: 2-5 days

Железной дорогой
From 20000 rubles costs to receive the service
From 2 days is necessary for registration

More about the service:

The main feature of international trade is the fact that the supplier and the recipient of the goods are located on the territory of different countries, and the movement of trade flows requires overcoming of national borders and long distances. Obviously, the effectiveness of foreign trade activity depends on the efficient organization of goods movement from the seller to the customer. Optimization of expenses for goods shipment can become a serious competitive advantage.

Number of factors should be considered during the implementation of shipment: the volume of a batch, number of seats, weight, temperature conditions, type of cargo, delivery time, location of dispatch point and destination, etc. In this connection, the delivery, as a rule, assumes combination of different types of transport and use of several types of transport, which requires proper confirmation to avoid downtime and the loss of goods.

That’s why, at present the majority of the participants of foreign trade activity try to facilitate the process of shipment, entrusting it to one company (forwarder), which in its turn bears all responsibility for timely delivery and the safety of the cargo.

Stages of service delivery


Предоставление клиенту информации о сроках и стоимости доставки




Подписание акта выполненных работ.


Complex solution
Complex solution
We analyze your problem by all parameters: delivery, documents, customs
Short lead time
Short lead time
We have great experience and relations, we can offer interesting timing of services
Deep analysis of the problem and the search of optimal juridical and financial decisions
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Best prices
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Free consultation
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Privacy policy
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